Thursday, June 25, 2009

History of North Carolina by John Wheeler Moore

by David Jeffreys, June, 2009
Doing a Google search this afternoon, I came across a book entitled History of North Carolina by John Wheeler Moore written in 1880. I recommend it for study of the era before the Revolutionary War, the war itself, and the antebellum period. Detailed accounts of battles such as the Battle of Camden and Guilford Courthouse as well as many others are included. Learn about many prominent individuals, especially General Gates, General Greene, and Lord Cornwallis. Our eminent elder, Stephen Moore, however is not included.

The author claims he was a relative of ours as he explains in a footnote in the book:

the government in their pardon. How have your actions contradicted your words? Out of twelve that were condemned the lives of six only were spared. Do you know Sir that your lenity on this occasion was less than that of the bloody Jeffreys in 1685? He condemned five hundred persons but saved the lives of two hundred and seventy."*
* NOTE.-- I adopt the suggestion of one for whose taste and judgment I entertain great respect in assuring the reader that no blood relationship exists between the author of this book and the Cape Fear Moores. My ancestors of that name came from Virginia and were related to Bishop Moore and Colonel Stephen Moore of Mt Tirzah. Judge Moore figured so largely and so much in accordance with what patriotism and propriety dictated, that my commendations have been but what was fairly due him and are in no wise the result of family vindication.

This book is in the public domain and was scanned from an original in the Harvard College Library.

If you would like a copy of this eBook, you may either read it online or download it in Adobe pdf format for your library at this link:



tbo said...

David, I have tried for many years to connect the author of this book, John Wheeler Moore, to our Moores without success, and in fact, I think he is mistaken. There is a very tenuous connection, or coincidence of names, in that John Wheeler Moore was the son of Godwin Cotton Moore of Hertford county, NC. Godwin C Moore's father was James Wright Moore of Nansemond co, VA. These Moores do not connect to ours at any point that I can find. However, the name Godwin does surface in Sidney's branch: Sidney Moore m. 1813 Mary Payne Reade, dau. of Robert & Sarah (Godwin) Reade. Sidney & Mary named a daughter Cornelia Godwin. Perhaps there is a connection between the VA Moores and Godwins further back, but I did not pursue it.

tbo said...

David, you might want to post a link to a website called Sally's Family Place. It has a lot of information on our Moores as well as the John Wheeler Moore family. Here's the URL: