Friday, June 28, 2013

Stephen Moore Portrait - newly discovered!

Lt Col Stephen Moore 
Photograph provided by Harry and Sandra (Moore) Shoffner, 
courtesy of Clinton W Toms, III, and his wife, Helen.


David Jeffreys said...

In addition to this portrait of Stephen Moore, the Toms family have another portrait of a lady. This portrait is being labeled as that of Grizey Moore on Even in the Toms family, it is attributed to being of as many as three different ladies. There is NO PROVENANCE of this portrait to know whom it really depicts. Therefore, it is not being shown on this blog as we really do not know who it is. Moral here is to be very careful of your sources.

Terri B. O'Neill said...

A campaign is underway to inform all those who have posted this photo and identified it as Grizey (Phillips) Moore, and ask them to correct it in their Ancestry trees. While adding comments to each of the trees with the misidentification, I noted some with the Phillips line completely wrong and others with Grizey being called Griselda Levi Phillips, which is also incorrect.