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Gilbert Moore Bible

As many of you know by now, Stephen was my 4-great grandfather, Robert was my 3-great grandfather, and Gilbert was my 2-great grandfather.  Gilbert Moore married Levina Satterfield on the 19th October 1830 and this is their bible.

Through many years of handling, the bible is in very fragile condition today.  It still retains its leather binding and the engraving on the cover is remarkably good.

The first pages of the old testament are now gone, and the pages have loosened from the binding as seen here:

Fortunately, since there exists no title page to the old testament, there is one for the new testament which allows us to know the publisher [H&E Phinney, Cooperstown, NY] and date of publication [1832]:

The Family Record section in the middle of the bible gives us quite a bit of information.  On page one under Marriages, is listed the following information: "Gilbert Moore & Levina Satterfield was married the 19th Oct. 1830 ~"

Page two lists Births
Francis Ann Moore was
   Born 23rd July 1831
Radford Robert Moore
   was born 7th March 1833
James William Moore was
   Born 13th September 1835
Thomas Barnett Moore was
   Born 4th August 1837
George Lewis Moore was
   Born 4th Stept. 1839.
George Washington Moore was
   born 5th July 1841
Sarah Elizabeth Moore
   was born 15th June 1843
Martha Jane Moore
   was born July 15, 1845
Mary C. Moore
   was born Augt 8th 1848

Page three also shows Births, but these appear to be the births of their slaves:
         Af  Blacks

Mary's children
Eliza was born August 1st
Mahaley was born 27th
   July 1842
Lcory ~ was born April
   8th 1845.
Mary Susan was
   born 23 Sept [smudged] 1856

Page four in the Family Record lists
George Lewis Moore died
   27th Sept. 1840
Robert R. Moore died
   Sept 17th 1862 in the
   Battle of Sharpsburg
Thomas T. Satterfield
   died Sept 4th 1872
Lavina Moore died
   december the 23 1882
   in the 79 year of
   her age
Gilbert Moore
   died July the 5
   1883 in the 78 year
   of his age
[Ed. note: Robert R. Moore and Thomas T. Satterfield are very faint pencil entries. Lavina and Gilbert made bold as senior members of the family.]

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