Sunday, May 27, 2012

D A R and S A R

Being descended from Stephen Moore, our Revolutionary War Patriot, entitles you to membership in either the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) or the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution.)

Starting from scratch and going back six to eight generations may be daunting to some; however, if a more recent ancestor has been accepted into membership, you will have fewer generations to prove.  For example, my mother was a member of DAR, so it was relatively easy for me to prove my lineage back to Stephen Moore, only having to supply my birth certificate, proving the last generation.  Even finding a relative back in your lineage in one of the DAR or SAR rolls will save you time and documentation.

Terri O'Neill has shown that Robert Moore also had creditable service as a Revolutionary War Patriot, but if you get back that far, you may as well go for one more generation to Stephen.

Not all Moore family descendants can become members of the DAR and SAR -- only those who are descended from Stephen.  This is because only Stephen was a Revolutionary War Patriot having fought in the war for independence.  Most of Stephen's siblings remained loyal to the British Crown!

Here is copy of my Sons of the American Revolution Certificate:  I have been a member since 14 June 1979.

If you will add your DAR or SAR national certificate number in the comments below, I will add it into the following table.  This should make it easier in the future for our descendants to apply for membership.

DAR or SAR:  National Number:      Name:                                    Date:              .

SAR                 115865                      David Elmo Jeffreys, Jr.         14 June 1979
DAR                728184                     Terri Bradshaw O'Neill            2 February 1990
SAR                                                    Mike Andrus                               2012
DAR                911467                      Sarah Brodeur Johnson          October 2012
DAR             926546                     Sandra Moore Shoffner          11 December 2013