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Col. John Moore of New York Chronology

11 Aug 1686-John Moore b. in SC1

27 May 1702-John Moore made Freeman of the City of New York2

c. 1703-apprenticed to Stephen DeLancey3

6 Nov 1710, 17 Jan 1710/11, 7 Jun 1711-JM in NY4

26 Jan 1710/11-witness to a deed recorded for Thomas Roberts5

6 Aug 1713-Letter to Evert Wendell @ Albany6

9 Dec 1713-m. Frances Lambert

c. 1715-became Warden & Vestryman of Trinity Church

c. 1715-dau. Frances born

24 Jun 1716-JM listed as owner with Stephen DeLancey, Peter Barberie & Henry Land of ship Elizabeth, bound for Jamaica.7 John Moore owned part interest in the Hamiltonthe Beaver, NY, and the Peter. These ships traded with Jamaica, Barbados, London and Holland.

c. 1717-dau. Rebecca born

22 Oct 1717-Deed recorded for John Moore for lot & house on Winckel Street bought from Abraham Delanoy. NYC Deed Books, Vol. 28: 334-336.8

c. 1719-son John born9

10 May 1720-Trinity Church authorized JM to pay upkeep for a charity case10

c. 1720-dau. Susannah born, d. infant

c. 1721-twins Thomas & Peter born, both d. infants

1721-plaintiff in suit with Stephen DeLancey and Peter Barberie11

c. 1722-twins Thomas & Peter born, Peter d. infant

Nov. 1723-JM attended funeral of Gertrude (Schuyler) Van Cortlandt12

24 May 1725-dau. Susannah born13

23 Jun 1725-Warrant signed for salary of JM, "quarantine guard" (may have to do with inspecting incoming ships)14

c. 1725-Pastel portraits rendered by Henrietta Johnston, of Col. John Moore, his wife Frances (Lambert) Moore, their daughter Frances (age about 15) and son Thomas (age 4)15

14 Nov 1727-twins Lambert & Daniel born, Daniel d. infant16

4 Dec 1727-deed recorded for John Moore for a lot & house purchased from Thomas Roberts on Bridge or Custom House Street fronting the Dock. NYC Deed Books Vol. 31:

c. 1728-son Daniel born, d. infant

c. 1729-son Daniel born,

c. 1730-son William born

Feb 1730-JM assessed £160 for two houses in the Dock Ward, £25 for two storehouses and £5 for a garden in the South Ward18

10 Jul 1730-John Moore signed the Entry Book (for duties assessed on cargo) for Stephen DeLancy19

c. 1730/1-JM listed as "assistant alderman" & Freeman of the City of NY20

25 Apr 1731-JM bought the lot on which he built "Whitehall"21
Compiler’s Note: At the New York Public Library in the Manuscript & Archives Section, in the collection called “Bancker Plans” is a map survey of the “Whitehall Lots” dated 10 March 1731, performed by James Livingston. It shows four long, narrow lots, the first, Lot #4, its long side fronting Weigh House Street, which later became Moore Street, was sold to John Moore. Next, Lot #5 was Stephen DeLancey’s, #6-Robert Livingston, jr., #7-Anthony Rutgers. These lots were between Water and Front Streets.22

May 1731-Council appointed JM & Stephen DeLancey to acquire a Fire Engine for the City23

29 Oct 1731-John Moore, Jr. granted full power of attorney for Bernard van der Grieft of Amsterdam24  Compiler’s note: it appears that John Moore styled himself “Jr.” until the death of his father in 1732.

Aug 1732-JM signed as Alderman an Address to Gov. Cosby on his arrival25

c. 1732-son Charles born

30 Sep 1734-JM elected Alderman to Common Council amid much political unrest and the beginnings of the issue of "freedom of the press"26

3 Oct 1734-JM petitioned for access to the East River from his property, which resulted in his purchase of the "Water Lots" that he devised to sons Richard, Lambert, Daniel and William in his Will27

19 Oct 1734-son Stephen born

6 Dec 1734-Gov. Cosby recommended JM to Lords of Trade for position of Councilor28

Nov 1737-JM refused to observe mourning for Queen Caroline on the grounds that those who observed mourning for the late King (George I) were ridiculed. As a result of this refusal, Gov. Clarke withdrew his recommendation of JM to be a Councilor29

10 Apr 1738-Muster roll, Capt. John Moore's company, NY30

16 Apr 1738-lot laid out on Broadway between Marketfield & Beaver St.31

17 Aug 1738-appointed Col. of Militia32

7 Nov 1738-heard case in Mayor's Court as Alderman33

Jan 1739-daughter Ann born34

19 Feb 1739-heard case in Mayor's Court as Alderman

13 Mar 1739-JM elected to General Assembly35

29 Sep 1739-certification of election held in South Ward, signed by JM, alderman36

6 Feb 1741-JM & Col. Joseph Robinson allowed to export beer & candles that had already been loaded on a brigantine prior to an order banning the export of provisions to foreign ports37

Apr 1741-negro slave Cato, belonging to JM, indicted in the plot to murder the inhabitants, and burn the city of NY. This terrible episode in American history resulted in the arrest of 160 blacks, 31 of whom were executed, 71 transported and the remainder discharged. In addition, 26 white people were implicated and 4 were executed. Hardly a household in the city was not affected, and it is doubtful that any of the "evidence" was true.38

14 Jul 1741-JM referred to as "deputy secretary" in letter from Henry Beekman regarding commissions for a militia company forming in Dutchess County39

c. 1741 or 1742-JM bought Congreve's Patent (part of land at West Point)40

Dec 1742-hears case in Mayor's Court as Alderman

Jan 1743-hears case in Mayor's Court as Alderman

Nov 1743-Gov. Clinton again recommended JM for Council41

22 Mar 1744-JM sworn in to Council along with Sir Peter Warren & Joseph Murray

Aug 1744-hears case in Mayor's Court as Alderman

8 May 1745-JM Chairman of committee to inspect NY fortifications and make estimates and recommendations for the defense of the City42

16 Jun 1746-JM appointed to committee to inspect Ft. Saratoga said to be in bad repair and make recommendations for "most speedy & effectual means for the execution of that part"43

3 Nov 1746-JM petitioned for grant of land in Orange Co.44

17 Mar 1747-Patent awarded to JM. This is known as Moore's Patent45

4 Sep 1748-JM wrote Will, witnessed by Jos. Robinson, Isaac DePeyster, Mauritz DeHart

23 Feb 1749-codicil to Will, witnessed by Robt. Watts, Jos. Robinson, Wm. Hamersly

29 Oct 1749-JM died

9 Dec 1749-John Moore’s Will proved46

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Chronology compiled by Terri Bradshaw O'Neill

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Fortress West Point, 1778-1783

This Report is 76 pages long and contains very interesting and valuable information about West Point at the time the U.S. Government took over the property from the Moore family.  Following are two representative pages from the document.  Also contained are many pictures including maps.

Click on this link to view the entire report.